This is a volunteer group that has been helping to organize this event.

Belinda Colon, arts administrator and curator

Michael Hart, writer, retired journalist

Anne Hohenstein, artist, lawyer, realtor

Conard Holton, artist, retired publisher

Claire Hughes, writer, journalist

Jeanne Finley, fine art photographer, writer

Marcella Gaudin, architect, designer

Tina Lincer, artist, writer, college communications

Robert Matthews, retired librarian

Mary Kate McCarty, arts advocate, arts administrator

Diane Nickerson, founder and school director

Ladan Nikravan, activist, community leader

Jackie Watsky, artist, nonprofit leader

Mary Wheeler, artist, gallerist, curator

Laudelina Martinez, Chair of Leadership Group


Anna Goodwin, Skidmore College

Tiffany Yang, University at Albany


This is a long term project that aims to establish a permanent home for

Contemporary Art by artists from under represented groups that are usually

neglected by most art institutions.

This volunteer group of established artists, acting as a think tank on art topics,

 has been meeting through most of 2022.

George Hofmann

Willie Marlowe

Gary Masline

Roxanna Melendez

George Simmons

Armando Soto


Martinez Gallery

Michelle Doyle

Jenny Hillebrand

Willie Marlowe

Stephen Muller

George Hofmann

Tracy Simone

Dr. Cesar Chelala

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