How to Exhibit

TROY ART! seeks to provide a well-balanced presentation that represents diverse styles and techniques in contemporary art.

Artists may sell the art they are exhibiting during the fair. Artists will sell their own works, not work produced by others. Artists shall give assurances that they are selling works they produced and that identify them as creators.

The prices set are the domain of the artists, but since we encourage the idea of living daily with art,  we understand that the acquiring of art is influenced by its affordability.


Artists may apply to exhibit or may have been specially invited to show.

If Applying to exhibit, artists will be vetted as a juried event before being accepted to exhibit.

There are THREE steps to the application process:

1. Artists must qualify by filling out a pre-qualification form and including a $25 non-refundable fee.

2. If vetted and considered eligible for participation,  artists will be asked to provide additional information.  The  information provided by artists at this point will be used for an online catalogue available to the public.

3.  When accepted to exhibit, artists will be asked to submit half the exhibition fee by Nov. 17. This will enable the artists to work with art fair organizers individually for final exhibition plans. The final payment of the Exhibition fee is due by November 25. 

(The total exhibition fee for artists is $480; refer to the Fees in the PARTICIPATE section of the website. There is the possibility of scholarships to help defray the cost of exhibition. Artist must make known their desire to be considered for a scholarship.)

Artist Pre-qualification Form    


There are two ways to participate in the artists Art Fair--

You apply to exhibit (process and fees detailed below)

or you are invited by Martinez Gallery.

For Artists applying, for 3 days: $480

(Scholarships are available for artists for whom the fee is a hardship.Do mention you'd like

to be considered for one when applying).

If two artists share an exhibition space, there is a supplemental fee of $50.

Includes a table and chair,  festivities, signage, lights, inclusion in online program, exhibitor badges, marketing of the event through social media and  targeted emails.


Non-refundable fee to qualify $25

Half payment due when materials to exhibit are sent in,  but no later than Nov 17.

Final payment due on Nov. 25.

TROY ART! will not charge commissions for sales concluded by the exhibitors who applied, while

invitational artists are subject to the usual commissions from the Gallery.


All exhibitors agree to exhibit and participate at their own risk.  TROY ART! is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of any work or items.

Artists are responsible for procuring and maintaining their own liability insurance. Exhibitors will provide TROY ART! organizers with a certificate of insurance by a date stipulated by the organizers.


No reimbursements are possible after the deadline for exhibiting has passed.

In the event of a natural disaster or other circumstances preventing this event, the decision to cancel the event either before the event or during its course may be made by art fair officials. In the event of cancellation, TROY ART! will not be held responsible for any costs(s) incurred or loss of potential earnings.


Exhibitors, in this case artists, are individually responsible for the representations they make to the public and potential clients.

Artists should only sell work they have produced or created. Only their artwork may be offered for sale. 

Only the original work of printmakers is acceptable; it should be signed and numbered. No giclees, posters, or reproductions of work are allowed for sale. T-shirts and other merchandise will not be acceptable for sale by individual exhibitors. Where appropriate, work should be clearly labelled.

Exhibitor badges should be worn at all times.

Exhibitors must ensure that their booths are staffed at all times the art fair is open.No one is available to supervise booths at TROY ART! in the event of an exhibitor’s absence.

Artists who are exhibiting after applying must collect all applicable taxes when selling their artworks.


You have been invited to participate in this juried event of original art in all media.

We’d like to ensure you know the rules and regulations governing the exhibition. 

Acceptance into this art fair is non-transferable. Only the accepted exhibitor is allowed to participate in the exhibition.

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